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Neutral Body Oil

Neutral Body Oil


Of all the senses smell is the strongest and is best able to influence brain activity. Something as simple as an inhalation of an aroma can cause many changes in the body, such as activating the immune system, affecting blood pressure and even stimulating digestion.

How would you like to de-stress in a relaxing bath with lavender, or get in touch with your inner peace with calming, grounding frankincense?

Want a stimulating and uplifting fragrance that will give your mind and body the perfect boost to jump-start your day, to help increase your alertness while reducing your stress and simultaneously promoting prosperity?

Our single scents and scent combinations can not only benefit your health and happiness, they will command your whole ambience, so be sure to have several different ones on-hand so you can change your scent as quickly as you change your mood.

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