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The Smell Good Story

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Living with any medical condition weighs down and puts a strain on the body and spirit, consequently, we have made it our inspiration to keep all of our beauty products handmade and free from harmful chemicals. 

At Sweet Ambience we have engineered custom fragrances since 2010, and our blends come together in a magical way. 

First, we get to know a little about you and your daily routine. Do you have a hard time getting up in the mornings? Does your energy level drop midday? Is your boss stressing you out with unrealistic deadlines? These basic questions help our mixologists to select the perfect balance of aromas and allow them to decipher, when, where and how you should apply each fragrance in your life for you to be able to perform at your peak daily. 

From diffusing an energy blend during your morning shower for an early AM lift to burning a sweet dreams blended candle at night for an emotionally relaxing send off into dreamland. We believe that healing the body takes more than just a daily regime of medications, that to truly be healed you must also transform your environment, and we guarantee that every drop is poured with you in mind.​

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